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An Eventual “The Walking Dead” Feature Film is Still a Possibility



Ratings may be steadily declining on “The Walking Dead, but the folks in charge of the still-massively-popular empire don’t seem to be too concerned. In fact, franchise architect Scott M. Gimple, who steps down as showrunner of the main series beginning with Season 9 (he’s being replaced by Angela Kang), is thinking bigger than ever.

Gimple has brought up the idea of a potential “Walking Dead” feature film over the years, and he again touched upon that future possibility in a new chat with Vulture.

Right now, I’m working on Fear. I’m working on Walking Dead. I’m working on that new stuff, and there are all sorts of interesting possibilities that I dare not even address specifically,” Gimple told the site. “But the most important thing is that when we’re moving forward, whatever we do is different. That we see the world of The Walking Dead in a new way. We’re trying to achieve a variety, and to show every pocket that we can. There are all sorts of cool things ahead.”

When a movie was specifically brought up, Gimple replied, “Hmm, I mean, that kind of variety, that’s we’re talking about. All the differences of the ways we tell the story, yeah, what we can feature and all that. There’s a whole universe of possibilities.”

It seems *anything* is possible, as the franchise shows no signs of slowing.

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