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As you’ve surely heard by now, Starz pulled the plug on “Ash vs. Evil Dead” this past Friday, announcing that this Sunday night’s Season 3 finale will actually be the show’s series finale. The unfortunate reality is that not enough people were watching to justify Starz renewing it for a fourth season and, well, that’s how TV shows die.

(So please, *legally* support the ones you love when it matters most.)

At this time, “Ash vs. Evil Dead” is unquestionably dead, with no plans (that we know of) in motion to bring Ash Williams back in any capacity at any time, but we just figured it was worth noting that Netflix does have a handy little “title request” form on their website. We bring this up because, hey, it sure couldn’t hurt to let Netflix know how much you love the show.

Why, you ask? Well, Netflix certainly has the money and the means to revive a show like “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” so maybe, just maybe, if enough users show the company how much they love the show and want it back… ya just never know what could come of that. Mind you, Netflix has expressed zero interest that we’re aware of, but if “Ash vs. Evil Dead” was ever to return to life for a fourth season, we’re thinking the most likely place for that to happen would be… on Netflix. At this time, it’s looking like the best chance we’ve got.

From what we understand, the first two seasons of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” have been watched A LOT on Netflix, which has likely at least put the idea in their heads that there’s a pretty hardcore fanbase for the series. And now that it’s essentially a free agent in the wake of Starz taking it out back and shooting it, Netflix *could* see some potential there.

So how do you show Netflix how much you love “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” on the off chance they have any interest whatsoever? For starters, you can watch the shit out of the first two seasons on the streaming service; the third season will likely be added later this year. Additionally, you can fill out Netflix’s “Request a Title” form, in big and bold, with ASH VS. EVIL DEAD: SEASON 4. The form was actually created to request already-existing content, but again, we figure it couldn’t hurt to put a ton of “Ash” love on their radar.

Another option? Tweet @Netflix and kindly ask them to #BringBackBoomstick.

And don’t forget to watch the “Ash vs. Evil Dead” series finale this Sunday night on Starz.

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