Bruce Campbell Says He's Officially "Retired as Ash" and That's Sadly That, Folks - Bloody Disgusting
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Bruce Campbell Says He’s Officially “Retired as Ash” and That’s Sadly That, Folks



Just two hours ago, I wrote up an article rallying fans of the Evil Dead franchise to encourage Netflix to pick up “Ash vs. Evil Dead” and bring it back to life in the wake of last week’s cancellation, hopeful that our passion for the Starz series could potentially lead to Netflix busting out the shovel. It seems that’s all in vain, however.

In direct response to the aforementioned article we published earlier today, Bruce Campbell himself just hammered the final nail into this particular coffin…

It would seem, based on this tweet, that Campbell is moving on from Evil Dead both because he kinda has to in the wake of the Starz news but also cause he just plain wants to at this point in his life and career. The way I’m reading the tweet, Campbell wouldn’t even be on board if Netflix wanted “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” so that’s kinda that.

Mind you, the Evil Dead franchise could certainly come back to life in a different form, perhaps with remake character Mia or even some of the other characters from the “Ash vs. Evil Dead” television series, either on the big screen or the small screen, but it sounds like we’ve truly seen the last of Ash Williams. For real this time.

This Sunday night’s series finale is Ash’s final battle. So enjoy it, Evil Dead-heads.


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