It's Not Over... Yet: Watch the "Ash vs. Evil Dead" Series Finale Trailer! - Bloody Disgusting
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We’ve spent so much time the past couple days mourning the cancellation of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” that it’s been easy to forget that it’s not actually over… not yet, at least.

We still have one more episode left to go, with the Season 3/series finale airing this Sunday on Starz. We’ve had the pleasure of previewing the finale and we can tell you that it’s pretty damn enjoyable and satisfying, delivering an epic final battle between Ash and a MASSIVE Kaiju Deadite, some nice emotion, and a final few minutes unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the Evil Dead universe. We think you’re gonna love it… and be left begging for more.

Preview the finale below!

In the final episode, “The Mettle of Man”…

“Elk Grove undergoes a major battle that takes place on the streets, Ash rides high in a military tank, speeding across shaky, post-apocalyptic Elk Grove. Ash fights the biggest battle of them all – a sixty foot tall Kandarian demon.”

Don’t miss the series finale this Sunday night, April 29.


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