[Exclusive] Hulu Made a Mini Documentary Exploring Stephen King's Universe and His "Castle Rock"; Watch Here! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] Hulu Made a Mini Documentary Exploring Stephen King’s Universe and His “Castle Rock”; Watch Here!



In just one week, Hulu is traveling to Maine in “Castle Rock”, their Stephen King-themed horror series that creates an entire universe around the famed horror author. With the streaming service bringing the new show to the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con, Bloody-Disgusting is excited to exclusively premiere a specially made documentary entitled “The Search for Castle Rock”!

The entire Hulu producing team traveled to Maine to shoot a mini-documentary, about locations and events from Stephen King’s childhood that influenced his iconic work. It’s a 30-minute episode interviewing J.J. Abrams, Sissy Spacek, the series creators and Stephen King specialists about his beloved stories, the fandom around his work and the geography of specific stories.

“Castle Rock” will premiere on Hulu next Wednesday, July 25th.

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