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New “Walking Dead” Cast Members Revealed, Including Samantha Morton as Alpha



The San Diego Comic Con trailer for Season 9 of “The Walking Dead” just dropped, giving us our first look at the new season and several of the new characters that’ll be joining Rick and the gang this coming October. Hinted at but not seen in the trailer? Comic book character Alpha, leader of the Whisperers, who is being played by Samantha Morton!

Additionally, via The Wrap, Nadia Hilker will play Magna, “a tough as nails survivor who has been living on the road.”

The site reveals more casting news…

Eleanor Matsuura will play Yumiko, Zach McGowen will play Justin, “a hostile Savior not interested in working together with the other communities,” Rhys Coiro will play Jed, “A rebellious Savior who refuses to fall in line,” Brett Butler will play Tammy Rose, “A salt-of-the-earth resident at Hilltop,” and John Finn will play Earl, “Hilltop’s blacksmith and Tammy Rose’s devoted husband.”

Dan Fogler will play Luke, “A fatigued survivor who understands there is safety in numbers. He values what is beautiful and hopeful and makes us uniquely human.”

“The Walking Dead” will return on October 7.

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