'Night Watch' Writer's Russian Zombie Novel 'Quazi' Getting an English Language TV Series - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Night Watch’ Writer’s Russian Zombie Novel ‘Quazi’ Getting an English Language TV Series



Russian author Sergei Lukyanenko is best known for his Night Watch/Day Watch/Twilight Watch/etc series, and he’s also the author of the post-apocalyptic zombie bestseller Quazi, which is now being adapted as an English-language TV series by Monumental, Fox’s co-production partner in Russia. THR reported the news this afternoon.

“Quazi is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth overrun by the Risen Dead. A small group of evolved, intelligent zombies, called the Quazi, form a fragile alliance with the remaining humans surviving within fortress city-states. When a sinister murder threatens the balance of power, a human detective must form an uneasy partnership with a Quazi agent to investigate.”

Sergei Lukyanenko and his book were pivotal not only for me and Monumental but also for the Russian film industry,” said Monumental partner Michael Schlicht in a statement.

Talent is currently being attached to the project.

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