Bruce Campbell Begins a Three Episode Run on AMC's "Lodge 49" Tonight - Bloody Disgusting
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Bruce Campbell Begins a Three Episode Run on AMC’s “Lodge 49” Tonight



He may be retired from playing Ash, but that doesn’t mean Bruce Campbell is retired from acting. Nor is he leaving the small screen behind, as Campbell returns to TV tonight!

Beginning tonight, Campbell kicks off a three episode arc on AMC’s “Lodge 49, which isn’t a horror series but will nevertheless become a must-watch with Campbell in the mix.

Speaking with EW, Campbell teased his character, property developer Gary Green.

Gary Green, he’s kind of the guy that you go to if you want to get anything done,” Campbell told the site. “He can develop anything, he can get around most laws, he’s been at this game a long time, he plays at a very high level. I think he’s like your shopping mall-kind of guy, large projects where it’s not done fully above board, which makes him a very standard guy. There are a lot of these guys who I know in the film business. Very successful people who make a lot of money and they’re not very honest. But it doesn’t make them unlikeable either. There’s a lot of likable cads.”

Tonight’s episode of “Lodge 49” airs at 10pm EST.

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