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Jason Alexander Dresses as Satan On the Halloween Episode of “Young Sheldon” [Images]



The best thing about horror being so effin’ hot is that you can’t escape Halloween. Our holiday is so far entrenched into pop culture that even stupid shows like “Young Sheldon” are getting into the spirit with the Big Bang Theory prequel’s first-ever Halloween episode.

Airing Thursday, Oct. 25 (at 8:30/7:30c), “Seven Deadly Sins and a Small Carl Sagan” welcomes back Seinfeld vet Jason Alexander as high school drama teacher Mr. Lundy. He finds himself at odds with Mary after they clash over plans for a church fundraiser.

“In strongly Christian areas at Halloween time, in response to haunted houses, they will often have something called a Hell house, which is presented to show the problems of living a life of sin and hopefully get people to come and join the church after that experience,” executive producer Steven Molaro tells TVLine, who also shared these images. “Mary and her church are going to be attempting to put on a family-friendly version of a Hell house, and since it’s theatrical, they ask Mr. Lundy to help them put that together.”

As seen in the photos, Mary and Mr. Lundy’s clash is symbolized by their costume choices, with Sheldon’s mom dressed as an angel and the drama teacher embodying the Devil himself.

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