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John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween 3’ Theme Song Featured in Amazon’s New Series “Homecoming”!



Earlier this month, Amazon unloaded the debut season of Julia Roberts-starring series “Homecoming, which I haven’t yet gotten around to watching for myself. But reader Shawn Crawford sends us the scoop this morning that the season’s seventh episode (as we’ve confirmed by streaming it for ourselves) ends with the use of the Halloween 3 theme song!

If you’re asking me, the score for franchise gem Halloween 3: Season of the Witch is some of John Carpenter‘s best work, and one of the downright best horror scores of all time. Carpenter composed the score alongside Alan Howarth, and it’s the “Main Title” theme that plays over the visuals for several minutes at the end of Season 1’s seventh episode.

This of course isn’t the first nod to H3 in the world of 2018 entertainment, as David Gordon Green’s Halloween featured a cameo from the infamous Silver Shamrock masks!

The Carpenter resurgence continues. And we’re damn sure loving it.

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