Fast Spiders, Snakes and Bats Highlight Nat Geo Wild's “Dead by Dawn” Horror Nature Series [Video] - Bloody Disgusting
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Fast Spiders, Snakes and Bats Highlight Nat Geo Wild’s “Dead by Dawn” Horror Nature Series [Video]



Last night, Nat Geo Wild debuted “Dead by Dawn, described as being “the first ever horror nature series”. Enjoy this ten-minute long first look at the series, with info on the first two episodes below:

From Skybound Entertainment (creators of “The Walking Dead”) and Love Productions, “Dead by Dawn” is a six-part series that brings horror to nature. This genre-bending series showcases the horror that is reality in the wild when the sun goes down. Each episode offers its own unique twist on horror, inspired by classic, modern and cult classic films, and uses innovative storytelling techniques to infuse suspense, tension and eeriness into the terrifyingly real stories of life in the wild … after dark.

“Dead by Dawn” delivers captivating and excellent visuals and storytelling while audaciously leaning into classic horror folly and memorable, distinctive soundtracks alongside suspenseful nature stories that begin just before sunset and end just after sunrise. Each episode features wildlife in a different country, from Costa Rica to Indonesia to the swamps of the USA. Once the sun goes down, creatures of the night battle for survival. It’s a countdown until dawn, and only the strongest and luckiest will live to see the sunrise. Warning: Be prepared to scream!

The Hills Have Eyes: Sunday, Jan 13 9/8c

The Arabian Desert comes to life at night, but where there’s life there’s death. After the sun sets, specialized predators emerge to take advantage of the cooler temperatures to feed through the night, from lizards that swim under the sand to spiders that run ten miles an hour.

Night of the Living Dead: Sunday, Jan 13 10/9c

As the sun falls on the island of Java that denizens of this jungle metropolis are on edge. Nowhere is safe. Just before darkness swallows daylight, the night stalkers of Indonesia awaken with a lust for blood. Bats that eat 6,000 insects a night, baby pythons, and a fish that can crawl on land.

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