Guy Freaks Out Playing 'Resident Evil VR' So His Dog Brings Him a Teddy Bear - Bloody Disgusting
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Guy Freaks Out Playing ‘Resident Evil VR’ So His Dog Brings Him a Teddy Bear



What did we ever do to deserve dogs?

The Playstation VR is beginning to hit people all over the world and, as a result, YouTube videos are popping up left and right of people going through visceral reactions during gameplay. One game that is making people lose their shit is the Resident Evil 7 kitchen demo, which sees players try to navigate through an environment that is like something out of The Hills Have Eyes/Wrong Turn.

While one guy was playing the demo using the VR headset and headphones, it turns out that his dog began to feel a little worried and wanted to make sure everything turned out alright. Starting around 1:25, you can see the dog in the doorway get concerned. After watching for a few moments, the dog then heads off for a few seconds before returning with a large stuffed teddy bear for his owner in the hopes that it’ll calm him down. As the owner keeps playing, the dog gets more distressed, making little sounds and ultimately trying to lick and console the owner who, by the way, doesn’t get a good ending in the game.

It’s an absolutely adorable video that is somewhat marred by the fact that the guy doesn’t pet his dog at the end as a way of saying, “Thanks for being worried that I was afraid and possibly dying. A teddy bear is always a good way to help in those situations.


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