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‘The Last of Us: Part II’ Trailer Revealed at the Playstation Experience



A trailer for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Part II was released at the Playstation Experience and it looks absolutely amazing! It opens with Ellie’s shaking hand coming to a still as she then tunes and begins playing a guitar while singing a melancholy song. As she sings, a figure enters the house where she is playing and walks past several corpses, each one mutilated. As this figure comes to the room where she’s playing, it’s revealed from behind to be Joel, who asks if she’s serious about continuing her journey. She states with steadfast resolution, “I’m gonna find and I’m gonna kill every last one of them.

I honestly got chills seeing this. I played The Last of Us later than most people as I got the remastered version on the PS4 several months after it came out. But when I played it, I was drawn in deeper than pretty much any game I’ve ever played before. It was a magical experience, one that rarely happens and that should be appreciated when it does. It’s a story that is so rich and developed that it’s hard to imagine how a sequel could match up.

However, seeing Ellie a little bit older (but still voiced by Ashley Johnson) and hearing Troy Barker as Joel once again only inspires and excites. Naughty Dog has yet to release a game without an incredible story and considering the amount of eyes that are attached to this title, I doubt they’ll fail any time soon.

What are your thoughts of the trailer?