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Kane Hodder Dressing as NES Jason and Savini Jason at Upcoming Convention!



One of the coolest things about Friday the 13th: The Game is that Kane Hodder did all the motion capture for Jason Voorhees, which means he plays every single version of Jason in the game. That includes versions of Jason he never actually played in the movies, as well as the 8-bit NES Jason and the brand new, Tom Savini-designed “Hell Jason.”

At the upcoming Mad Monster Party convention in Phoenix, Arizona this coming July, fans will have the chance to meet Hodder as both NES Jason and Savini Jason!

The con explains…

“KANE HODDER will don 2 new hockey masks he’s never worn in films or anywhere else before: “SAVINI JASON” and “8-BIT JASON!” in celebration of Gun Media and IllFonic’s AMAZING Friday the 13th: The Game – the greatest gift to the franchise since Kane himself! We’ll present, for the FIRST TIME EVER, Kane as Jason like you’ve never seen him before (he played ALL the Jasons in the game but he never wore these costumes before onscreen or anywhere else)! Of course, Tom Savini will oversee his Savini Jason and he and Kane are as excited as we are to see these versions come to life for the first time ever!”

“Photo ops will be on sale individually but we’ll be offering an even more exclusive, limited edition Friday the13th Ticket that will include BOTH photo ops (Savini Jason on Saturday and 8-Bit Jason on Sunday) as well as a special Friday the 13th “Meet & Greet” with Kane Hodder who will explain to our lucky combo ticket holders why the day is so special to him personally, not just to his alter ego Jason. Obviously, the combo ticket would require a 3 day SHRIEKend pass.”

For info and tickets to the July 13-15 event, check out the Mad Monster website.


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