Killer Clown-themed "Curtain Call" Chapter Added to 'Dead by Daylight' Today - Bloody Disgusting
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Killer Clown-themed “Curtain Call” Chapter Added to ‘Dead by Daylight’ Today



We may not ever be getting new updates for Friday the 13th: The Game, going forward, but at least we’ve still got Dead by Daylight, which unleashed its latest DLC chapter on Steam today. It’s titled “Curtain Call,” and it brings a killer clown into the game.

The “Curtain Call” chapter, in addition to the playable clown, also includes a new survivor named Kate Denson as well as a new map: Father Campbell’s Chapel.

What about the console update, you ask?

The team notes, “We are going through the Certification process. The update on PS4 and XBOX is planned to release in the upcoming weeks; it might not be at the same time.”


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