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Explore The World of ‘Metro Exodus’ in This Gameplay Demo



You know that Metro Exodus gameplay trailer from E3? Well it turns out that there’s also a 17-minute gameplay demo showing off more of the good stuff that 4A Games has been working on.

The gameplay demo has the player exploring the area near the Volga River, which is quite vast. Much larger than the zone you explored in Metro: Last Light. Resources are in limited supply once again, and traversing the surface is limited because of that. Players will have to manage the time they spend on the surface wisely, but luckily, the indicators on your arm provide the necessary information to let you know just how long you have.

Crafting items is a new key game mechanic for Exodus, where you’ll have to scavenge various materials for ammo and other necessary items. You can also use these resources to repair your weapons, which do break down from use. Some of the items can be constructed while out in the open, but seeing as time still progresses normally as you do so, you’re again still at risk of exposure to radiation, so watch those indicators.

Seeing as Artyom is leading a group of Spartan Rangers this time, you’ll have access to an outpost. There, you have the ability to advance the time of day before heading out on a mission. This of course alters the behaviour and timing of the creatures and enemies roaming the environment. Stealth is another key component, as you’ll have to rely on sneaking to get where you need to go, or to tackle enemies in the least risky way.

I won’t spoil the other goodies in the demo (plus you can’t see how good the game looks from my useless blabbing), so check it out below. Metro Exodus is set for release February 22, 2019, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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