New Update to 'Hunt: Showdown' Includes New Weapons And Fog - Bloody Disgusting
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New Update to ‘Hunt: Showdown’ Includes New Weapons And Fog



Crytek have unveiled a new update for Hunt: Showdown, introducing a much-needed environmental enhancement in the form of fog. Instead of some of your missions being bright and clear, there’s a decidedly creepy mist that limits your view distance, and generally makes your hunts that much more tense.

Of course, there are other enhancements, namely the whack of new weapons you’ll have at your disposal, such as multiple crossbows and a Combat Axe. There are also new traits available to players, as well as a Spectator Mode. You can check out the entire update notes on the official site.

Still in Early Access, Hunt: Showdown is available for $29.99USD on Steam.

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