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Two ‘Silent Hill 2’ Secrets Discovered After 17 Years!



Like many fans, you’ve probably thought you’ve gotten everything out of what Silent Hill 2 was hiding. Well, it turns out that after 17 years, someone was able to uncover not one but two more goodies locked away in the game that make things decidedly easier during play. The catch is that these tricks only work on the original version of the game. Not the Greatest Hits/Extended version, nor that disaster that was the Silent Hill HD Collection.

According to Twitter user punk_7890 (who also contributes to the awesome The Cutting Room Floor wiki), a secret mini-map can be discovered after completing the game’s “Dog Ending”. Along with that is a much-needed feature that allows you to save anywhere in the game. Satisfying the conditions is one thing (getting the Dog Ending requires you to complete several of the main campaign endings), but enabling them is a stretch of the hands.

After you have completed the Dog Ending, during gameplay, press Start + L2 + Square + L3 (international users should also set their Control Type to ‘2’ in order to get this). According to The Cutting Room Floor, you may need to first enter the inventory menu screen, exit, and while exiting hold the Start button and then input the rest of the button sequence. For the mini-map, during gameplay, press the following buttons: D-Pad Left + Left Analog Stick Left + Right Analog Stick Left + L2 + L1 + L3.

It’s interesting to note that prior to discovering this secret, fans discovered the mini-map by data mining the game, and using a memory editor to toggle the game’s code.

This is now your excuse to go back and play one of horror gaming’s favourites (or pay through the nose on eBay to grab the original version on the PS2).

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