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‘Silent Hill HD Collection’ And ‘Silent Hill: Homecoming’ Now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One



Earlier this week, we reported on the recently-released Silent Hill retrospective documentary that covered the series’ highs and lows. One of the lows was the hamfisted “remastering” of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 for the Silent Hill HD Collection. Whether it was Konami’s recasting of the voice actors (and the sleazy royalty issues), the bugs introduced by developer Hijinx Studios that weren’t in the original games, and just overall poor quality, you’d have to wonder why people would actually want to play these remasters.

Well, according to Xbox’s Larry Hyrb, people who want to can now do so, as the Silent Hill HD Collection and Silent Hill: Homecoming are the latest additions to the Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility program. This is now also the only way to play Silent Hill 2 and 3 on the current generation of consoles.

Originally released on the Xbox 360 back in 2012, the Silent Hill HD Collection was notorious for having more bugs and performance issues than its PlayStation 3 counterpart. As for 2008’s Silent Hill: Homecoming, the game deviated farther from the series’ Survival Horror formula with focusing more on action than scares. Unfortunately, focusing on the already-clunky action sequences without refining them wasn’t the smartest idea.

If you still own a physical copy of either title, you can simply pop the disc into your Xbox One and begin playing. Alternately, if you’ve previously purchased either of the games digitally, they will automatically appear in the ‘Ready to Download’ section of Xbox One’s My Games and Apps menu.

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