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‘Vampyr’ to Receive Two Additional Modes in New Update



Enjoying DONTNOD’s Vampyr despite the decidedly ‘meh’ combat? DONTNOD have heard user comments (and complaints), and have readied not only an update to the game, but also two new modes for players to experience.

The first mode addresses the combat issue in the form of Story Mode. This is meant to be more of a casual version, where the focus is on the story aspect of the game, without worrying so much about the combat, which will have its intensity dialled back.

The second mode is probably the most baffling. Hard Mode ratchets up the game’s difficulty by increasing enemy toughness and decreasing the amount of experience you receive. In this mode, you’ll have to rely on the citizens of London to increase your power.

There’s no word yet on when this update will hit, but expect it soon.

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