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Own This Replica ‘Resident Evil 6’ Leon Kennedy Jacket (And More)



Okay, so Resident Evil 6 wasn’t exactly what fans wanted in the series. Which is why Resident Evil VII had to straighten things out by being a much-needed return to traditional survival horror. But I think we can agree that the graphics certainly looked good, as did the wardobe.

Speaking of which, Leon’s awesome RE6 jacket has been meticulously recreated by California-based Angel Jackets, and is available for you to buy right now! According to the description, this jacket is made of “authentic quality real leather”, and has been recreated right down to the lining. Yeah, I know that some fans prefer Leon’s jacket from Resident Evil 4, but this has that badass look to it that the other one just can’t quite capture.

Angel Jackets also has other jackets/vests that have been recreated from other films/TV shows, such as Negan’s jacket from The Walking Dead, Logan’s jacket from Wolverine, Mad Max’s jacket from the original Mad Max, and that awesome scorpion jacket Ryan Gosling wore in Drive. They also offer free shipping over $39. Get with your ordering here to get started on your cosplay.

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