Forbes Accidentally Leaks Nintendo Switch Port of 'Diablo III' - Bloody Disgusting
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Forbes Accidentally Leaks Nintendo Switch Port of ‘Diablo III’



Forbes today accidentally leaked the worst-kept secret in confirming that Blizzard is bringing Diablo III to the Nintendo Switch. Seriously, how many times has this been hinted at over the past year?

Forbes accidentally published the article confirming the port’s existence, entitled the “Eternal Collection”, and set to release later this year. The set will include the Reaper of Souls expansion, as well as the Rise of the Necromancer DLC for $59.99 USD. And given that it’s Nintendo, similar to how The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim had The Legend of Zelda-themed items, Diablo III will indeed feature content exclusive to the game.

While purely cosmetic, the game will have a Legend of Ganondorf cosmetic armor set, as well as a Tri-Force portrait frame, a Cuccos (aka chicken) pet, and Echoes of the Mask cosmetic wings (which are essentially recycled from the PC Collector’s Edition of Diablo III, but hey). And yes, donning the armor set will make you look like Ganon.

Blizzard is doing their usual move of “say nothing”, but with Blizzcon this November, and with that video hyping up the future of Diablo, we at least know one of the things that’s going to be announced, and perhaps even before Blizzcon.

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