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“Scorching Summer BBQ” Event in ‘Dead By Daylight’ Has Been Extended



Not only is slasher Dead By Daylight *free* for Playstation Plus members this month, but the game’s Summer event is going on now. It kicked off earlier this month and was supposed to end August 21, but we’ve learned that “Scorching Summer BBQ” has been extended.

The team announced today…

“The Entity has extended the Scorching Summer BBQ invitation to August 23rd for everyone! Enjoy 2 more days of grilling Survivor Chops and gathering Frozen Margaritas!”

“During our Scorching Summer BBQ event you will gain access to special generators and hooks. Repairing the Frozen Cocktail machines will earn you Frosty Margaritas, and skewering survivors on Grill hooks will give you Survivor Chops. To spawn more Frozen Cocktail machines and Grill hooks in the map, you must burn the BBQ invitation in the Bloodweb.”

Collect as many Frosty Margaritas & Survivor Chops as possible to unlock the Scorching Summer BBQ customization rewards: Hillbilly’s “Pro-Pain” hammer and Kate’s “Free Songbird” slip dress.

  • Every trial starts with two Frozen Cocktail machines and 2 Grill hooks
  • To spawn event more Frozen Cocktail machines or Grill hooks, acquire a BBQ invitation Offering in the Bloodweb and burn it in a trial
  • Each BBQ invitation Offering played will generate 1 Frozen Cocktail machine and 1 Grill hook
  • As a Killer, hook a Survivor on a Grill hook for the first time to gain 1 Survivor Chop
  • As a Survivor, complete repairs on a Frozen Cocktail machine to grant all Survivors 1 Frosty Margarita
  • If you played a BBQ invitation Offering, you will also score bonus Bloodpoints when the above conditions are met
  • Once you reach your Frosty Margaritas goal, you will unlock Kate’s “Free Songbird” slip dress
  • Once you reach your Survivor chops goal, you will unlock the Hillbilly’s “Pro-Pain” hammer
  • You can only gain Frosty Margaritas and Survivor Chops in public matches

You are done with your personal objectives? Keep playing the BBQ invitation Offering to help your playmates reach their personal goals AND on the same occasion, gain more Bloodpoints! The BBQ invitation Offering is only playable during the Scorching Summer BBQ.

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