The "Dead Living Zombies" DLC Experience Will Be Added to 'Far Cry 5' Later This Month - Bloody Disgusting
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The “Dead Living Zombies” DLC Experience Will Be Added to ‘Far Cry 5’ Later This Month



Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 launched back in March, and to date, two of the promised three DLC experiences have joined the game. First up, “Hours of Darkness” brought the gameplay to Vietnam, and more recently, “Lost on Mars” has allowed you to fight alien monsters in space. Up next, “Dead Living Zombies” turns Far Cry 5 into a full-on zombie-killing game!

In “Dead Living Zombies”

“You and a friend melt wave after wave of zombie hordes, in seven scenarios.”

We’ve learned this week that “Dead Living Zombies” will launch on August 28, of course part of the game’s Season Pass and also available as a standalone DLC add-on pack.

Check out a new teaser below.


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