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[Videos] Fan Recreates Iconic Horror Houses in ‘Far Cry 5’!



We’re still waiting on a new Halloween video game, but in the meantime, at least we’ve got Michael Myers and Laurie Strode as playable characters in Dead by Daylight, along with a Haddonfield map. While that will hold some of us over, it’s simply not enough for other fans. And one of them has just taken it upon himself to bring Halloween into Far Cry 5!

Shared over on Reddit/Horror today, user Duncsmaps used the in-game map editor to recreate the iconic Myers house in Far Cry 5, and he uploaded a speed-building video to show it off.

Turns out, over on Dunscmap’s YouTube channel, Mojo Swoptops, you’ll find many other Far Cry 5 builds, including the Ghostbusters headquarters and the Amityville Horror house!

Check out videos of all the horror builds below.

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