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“Fallout: Miami” Team Talks Story And More in Latest Update



The team behind the Fallout 4 mode “Fallout: Miami” recently posted their August progress recap (their first monthly update video), along with a lengthy blog post and some cool concept art and model progress. The recap actually deals with the juicy backstory for the mod, which is still being worked on.

The story for the “Fallout: Miami” follows the Sole Survivor (aka you) in the year 2287, ten years after the Battle of Raven Rock, which took place in Fallout 3. Two years before the fall of Raven Rock, The Enclave sent a team to Miami Beach to establish a permanent presence in the region. Communications were ultimately lost, and that’s where the story begins for you.

Head over to the official site to check out the concept art as well as the cool Enclave armored vehicle for the mod (which sadly you still can’t drive).

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