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Hunt Your “Monster of The Week” in Ballistic Interactive’s ‘HellSign’



If you were a fan of Meagan’s article regarding The X-Files10 best “Monster of the Week” episodes, then chances are Ballistic Interactive’s HellSign will be up your alley.

Set to head onto Steam Early Access on November 7th, 2018, HellSign is a “hardcore supernatural RPG experience that captures the feeling of being in-too-deep during a paranormal investigation with nothing but your wits and some rusty hunting gear.” Putting you in the shoes of a paranormal investigator, you travel around Australia investigating the unknown and taking down all manner of monsters.

With the full game boasting a Story Mode containing three chapters, 12+ bosses and more than 25 different creatures to hunt, and over 40 hours of gameplay, HellSign is one for X-Philes to check out. Hit up the game on Steam, or check out Ballistic Interactive’s site for more info.

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