[TGS 2018] Latest 'Days Gone' Trailer Shows Off The (Infected) Wildlife - Bloody Disgusting
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[TGS 2018] Latest ‘Days Gone’ Trailer Shows Off The (Infected) Wildlife



Yeah, the waiting game for Bend Studios’ Days Gone sucks. February 22, 2019 seems a long way off, and the latest trailer at this year’s Tokyo Game Show doesn’t make things any easier. Instead of focusing on zombie humans this time around, this trailer instead focuses on the various zombie animals, which are just as terrifying (if not moreso).

Of course, you’ll still have to deal with uninfected humans, who will hunt you for resources or kill you if you so much as sneeze at them the wrong way. But, there’s just something about packs of infected wolves, bears or even birds hunting you in a remote forest that is both awesome and terrifying.

On that note, the quiet and serene way the trailer starts off really shows just how beautiful the game looks when you’re not fighting for your life. Makes you almost want to be there. Almost.

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