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‘Dying Light: Bad Blood’ Now Available on Steam Early Access



Back in August, it was announced that Techland was looking to add a Battle Royale mode to it’s successful open-world survival horror zombiefest in Dying Light called Dying Light: Bad Blood. Well the time has arrived, as Bad Blood is out now on Steam through Early Access.

Now, unlike say Fortnite, Bad Blood will only have twelve players duking it out on the map. Bad Blood also incorporates PvP and PvE elements, where you’ll have to fend off against zombies in addition to other players.

On top of gathering weapons and other resources, you’ll also need to collect blood samples from the infected, which are tied to the game’s victory condition. Gathering enough samples gets you a seat on the evacuation chopper, which gets you out of the city (similar to how Vostok Games’ Fear The Wolves functions, albeit on a much larger scale). However, only one player will be able to board the helicopter, so first come, first saved.

You can also still grab the Founder’s pack, which includes all of those goodies mentioned last month. Techland has stated that the game will transition to a free-to-play model once it leaves Early Access. There’s still no word on if or when Bad Blood will make its way to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, so stay tuned.

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