'Silent Hill' Meets 'Session 9' in Loveridge Designs' 'The One We Found' - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Silent Hill’ Meets ‘Session 9′ in Loveridge Designs’ ‘The One We Found’



Let’s face it: Mental institutions are not nice places. Films like Session 9 touch on the potential creepiness of an abandoned institution, while games like Loveridge Designs’ upcoming The One We Found? They look to exploit it in other ways.

Releasing this October 31st for Steam and Xbox One, The One We Found puts you in the role of James Ledgewick, a psychotherapist at the Whisperwood Mental Institution. Recently, a cave network was discovered under the institution that has unearthed some no-so-nice findings. Officials sent to investigate never returned. It’s up to James to descend into the labyrinth and uncover the mystery of Whisperwood before the evil escapes and unleashes hell on earth.

From the look of the trailer, there’s definitely a Silent Hill vibe going on with the grimy interiors, the cryptic messages (“Im [sic] waiting James”), and even mannequins! Sure, it might be cliché, but if you do it well, it’s a nice send-up that fans will appreciate. You’ve also got to content with ex-patients running amock, so that’s a new one.

Hit the game up on Steam for more info.

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