'Project Warlock', an Homage to 90s Shooters, Launches October 18th - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Project Warlock’, an Homage to 90s Shooters, Launches October 18th



I wasn’t sure how to start this piece of news off without mentioning Doom and the endless clones that appeared after its success, but Project Warlock is definitely more homage than clone. Really, it’s the amalgamation of Blood, Duke Nukem, Rise of the Triad and so many other games that sprung up after id Software struck gold. Yeah, there are some questionable elements to the game (namely that the programmer, Jakub Cislo, probably wasn’t even born in the 90s), but it still looks like fun!

Developed by Buckshot Software, Project Warlock hits GOG.com exclusively on October 18th. The story is perfectly suited for the typical FPS games of the 90s: The world’s gone to hell, and you’ve got your guns, your magic and your smacktalk to send the demonic hordes back from where they came.

Featuring 60 levels (plus secrets) over five different worlds, Project Warlock also takes a few cues from modern games, such as not having savepoints (though hopefully you’ll get to save your game at certain points), and a perk and stats system to flesh things out. Not to mention the 40+ weapons, silky-smooth framerate and animations (well, as smooth as an homage to 90s shooters can get), and some smartass one-liners for fun.

Since it’s a timed exclusive on GOG.com, it’s not on Steam as of yet. It’ll eventually make its way over there at some point, but as of right now, you’ll be heading to GOG.com to grab it.

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