Escape Michael Myers in This Retro Style 'Halloween' Video Game - Bloody Disgusting
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Escape Michael Myers in This Retro Style ‘Halloween’ Video Game



While it’s not quite 8-bit, to get you in the mood for this Friday when Michael Myers returns to the big screen in David Gordon Green’s Halloween, you can play the Escape Michael Myers video game!

It’s pretty straightforward: You start off as Laurie doing a bit of target practice until Michael shows up. After that, Michael chases you through the woods, a graveyard, the streets of Haddonfield and beyond. Avoid a variety of obstacles, and pick up Jack o’ Lanterns to gain extra lives. It’s essentially an endless runner, but it’s good for a bit of a distraction until the film comes out.

Of course, you could always snag a copy of Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight and survive Michael that way.

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