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VR Horror ‘The Persistence’ Gains New Modes in Free Update Later This Week



Fans of Firesprite Games’ The Persistence will be getting a free update loaded with features later this week. In an update posted to PlayStation Blog, The Persistence‘s game director, Stuart Tilley, has revealed that in addition to a host of accessibility features, the game will feature four brand-new game modes.

Currently, The Persistence only has the main Campaign and a Survival Mode where you play through Campaign again using only 10 clones. The new modes in the update include:

  • Glass Cannon – You need to make it through 24 rooms with increasing difficulty to get to an escape pod.
  • Campaign+ – Your typical keep all your Gear and Upgrades from your previous Campaign playthrough, but are now faced with an ultra hardcore difficulty mode.
  • First Blood – A stealth-based challenge mode where you need to make your way through another huge procedurally generated deck to the escape pod, armed only with a knife.
  • Permadeath – If you die once during the campaign, that’s all she wrote.

Also available is Assist Mode. Finding the game too difficult? You can fine-tune aspects of the game’s difficulty to help you get through parts of the game that are proving too challenging, such as enabling infinite ammo, auto shield, reduce damage and more.

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