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Blind Squirrel Games Teases VR Version of ‘BioShock’?



UPDATE: Well, it turns out that the use of hashtags got everyone’s hopes up, apparently. Blind Squirrel are NOT, in fact, doing a VR version of BioShock:

Funny how yesterday, we had the announcement about the remastered versions of BioShockand BioShock 2 heading to Today, we’ve got an interesting announcement (or rather, an impending one) from Blind Squirrel Games. It seems that we’re in for a VR version of BioShock!

Obviously, nothing’s confirmed yet (including platforms), but we’ll find out tomorrow when Blind Squirrel has their Twitch stream at 2PM PST/5PM EST. It’s been five years going on six since BioShock Infinite, so until 2K finally spills the beans on that rumoured next game in the series, at least we have something definitely cool (and terrifying) to look forward to in the new year.

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