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Lovecraftian Mod Brings Cosmic Horror to ‘Skyrim’



While we wait for The Sinking City to hit later this year (March 21, if you’re wondering), why not take a trip back to Skyrim with the Lovecraft-inspired mod, Here There Be Monsters – The Call Of Cthulhu? The mod has been worked on since 2015, and is now almost finished.

Featuring a large, fully voiced post-endgame quest chain with new followers and equipment, the mod has you either joining or fighting the Old One itself as it has awakened to devour the people of Tamriel. The mod also adds new races and models to the game, as well as new areas in the southern continent of Pyandonea, inspired by Lovecraft’s works, such as the Plateau of Leng.

There are still some bugs left to be ironed out, but there are workarounds on the mod’s homepage on what you should do in case you hit a snag (such as if you happen to kill a monster before you’re supposed to). The mod’s author, Araanim, also has a couple of recommended mods that can be used in conjunction with this one to enhance the experience.

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