[PAX South 2019] Hop Aboard The New 'Layers of Fear 2' Trailer, Making-of Video - Bloody Disgusting
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[PAX South 2019] Hop Aboard The New ‘Layers of Fear 2’ Trailer, Making-of Video



Ever since Gun Media and Bloober Team revealed that they were working on the follow-up to Layers of Fear, namely Layers of Fear 2, we’ve been kind of left wondering when they’d give fans more to chew on. Well at PAX South 2019, they’ve done just that in the form of a new gameplay trailer, and a brief making-of video!

First off, the making-of video has various members of the team talking about how the team sought to preserve what everyone loved about the first game, as well as focusing on a multi-layered story that draws inspiration from the art of cinema, specifically Georges Méliès.

As well, the team reveal that the protagonist of the game is a star of Hollywood’s golden age, who has been offered the role of a lifetime by an eccentric Hollywood producer. The thing is, filming will take place aboard an ocean liner. From there, the story delves into a search for self-identity.

As for the trailer, when you have Tony Todd narrating anything, it’s bound to be awesome. In this brief-but-atmospheric trailer, we get glimpses of the ship, as well as some of the creepy imagery that you’d expect in a follow-up to the first game’s mansion setting. No word on the release date for the game, but it’s expected to hit this year.

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