Second Weapons Trailer For 'Metro Exodus' Delves Into Handguns - Bloody Disgusting
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Second Weapons Trailer For ‘Metro Exodus’ Delves Into Handguns



If you watched last week’s trailer for the weapons available to you in Deep Silver’s Metro Exodus, you might be wondering just what happened to the rest of the handguns in the game. Never fear, as Deep Silver have released a new trailer that focuses on the handgun class of weapons.

As with the previous trailer, this new video showcases the various ways you can mod your handguns to offer you more stability, firepower and accuracy. Sure, the trailer is quite slick in its presentation, and probably not presenting the same way you’d swap out parts, but as before, if you’re a sucker for guns, this is still amazing.

Metro Exodus launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 15, 2019.

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