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‘Thief’ Total Conversion ‘The Dark Mod’ Given Spit-Shine Update



90s PC gamers in the know have probably played at least one game in Looking Glass Studios’ Thief trilogy, which was pretty much Metal Gear Solid for the PC crowd (until Konami ported MGS to the PC). Even then, despite not selling well (just like Looking Glass’ own System Shock series), it still remains a beloved classic. And you know what fans do with beloved classics: They make mods.

The award-winning Dark Mod is probably the mod for Thief. True, it’s a few years old, but it brings a 1998 game into a more recent era. The mod is actually a total conversion of the original Thief that uses the DOOM 3 engine that you can download for free.

The mod just had a new “stability release” that fixes a lot of bugs, as well as tossing in a few new features. It’s not something shocking for longtime fans, but it does give that extra polish for those completely new to the series.

Do give it a look. I mean, it’s free, so why the hell not? If you’re interested in checking out the original version of the game (as well as its sequels), you can find them on GOG.com or on Steam.

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