Crytek Teases New Immolator Monster Coming to 'Hunt: Showdown' - Bloody Disgusting
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Crytek Teases New Immolator Monster Coming to ‘Hunt: Showdown’



Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown is still humming along in Early Access with new features and fixes being added. One big update is a new monster by the name of Immolator, which you can check out briefly in a recent Twitch stream by Crytek.

No word on when this update with the Immolator will be live, but according to designer Bence Kovacs, you’ll be in for a challenge. The Immolator appears as a charred, walking corpse, screams a lot, and likes to blow stuff up.

When it detects movement it will charge, and when it’s shot or stabbed, it’ll burst into flames (You’ll be getting a new attachment for your mosin that allows you to melee it without being set on fire). Just to add to the scares, The Immolator can also open doors.

And yes, if you’re wondering if you can use the monster to your advantage to take out other hunters that are keen on taking your goodies, you can. As mentioned, The Immolator screams a lot, which can attract other enemies, and when burning he leaves a trail of fire that will ignite those monsters if they happen to walk into it.

As mentioned, there’s no word on when this update will hit, but for those on the test servers, you can expect it to show up soon.

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