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‘Mortal Kombat X Mobile’ Receives 2.0 Update



With Mortal Kombat 11 on the horizon, NeatherRealm Studios today announced its 2.0 update for Mortal Kombat X Mobile. As mentioned previously, the game will receive a new name as Mortal Kombat “to better reflect its vast content and character roster.” The game will also be the primary platform for all of Mortal Kombat’s mobile experiences moving forward.

Those who can’t wait to for April 23 can now play as featured MK11 gold characters in a new timed game mode, Trial Challenges. All MK11 characters in Mortal Kombat will have the same Crushing Blows and Fatal Blows as their console versions. The characters revealed so far include:

  • MK11 Raiden and MK11 Jade are powerful Gold characters that provide a unique synergy when paired together. Players can add them to their roster by completing tiers in the new Trials mode.
  • MK11 Scorpion can be earned through Faction War rewards. As one of the most powerful characters in the game, Scorpion boasts high base stats and the ability to provide a Lethal Blow chance to his MK11 teammates.

In addition, the update has 23 existing Gold characters bumped to Diamond Tier with updated passive skills, stat increases and increased team synergy, allowing even more creative and strategic gameplay.

The game has also undergone upgrades underneath the hood in the form of Unreal Engine 4. Along with the improved graphics and performance that comes along with the upgrade, the game also features a revamped UI design, a new Quest Map and a slew of different store items.

Mortal Kombat is available for both Android and iOS. Mortal Kombat 11 will launch April 23 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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