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id Software Apparently Not Involved With ‘DOOM: Annihilation’



So, that DOOM: Annihilation trailer. That seemed rather rough, didn’t it? Not the best way to try and bring people back from the 2005 film starring The Rock, is it? Apparently, we weren’t the only ones with mixed feelings.

As some of you already know, not long after the trailer went live, a fan on Twitter asked both id Software and the official DOOM Twitter accounts what their reactions were to the Annihilation trailer. The DOOM Twitter account had this to say:


Opinions on the apparent quality of the film aside, the fact that id Software isn’t involved in the film is kind of a red flag, since why would you not involve the guys who created the game when making your film? But who knows? The teaser was literally 30 seconds long, so I’ll give them the benefit of doubt that it’s just too brief a snippet to properly gauge the film.

Written and directed by Tony Giglio (S.W.A.T.: Under Siege), DOOM: Annihilation stars Amy Manson (”Atlantis”), Dominic Mafham (Ophelia), Luke Allen-Gale (“Dominion”) and Nina Bergman (The Car: Road to Revenge). The film is scheduled for a Fall 2019 release.

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