Xbox One Version of 'DayZ' Launches March 27 - Bloody Disgusting
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Xbox One Version of ‘DayZ’ Launches March 27



After being in Xbox Game Preview since last August, Bohemia Interactive have announced that DayZ will be released on March 27 for the Xbox One.

The game, which has seen a few delays on its PC version, finally hit the magic 1.0 release late last year.

If you need a primer, here’s the rundown for the open world game:

Unlike the traditional “zombie,” the hostile humanoid A.I. in the DayZ universe are very much alive. They are angry, screaming, filthy, fast A.I. you encounter throughout the Chernarusian countryside and can be killed with shots to the body, rather than just head shots. Don’t worry, player character in DayZ are immune to this virus, and will not turn into zombies when bitten.

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