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Serial Killer Trilogy ‘The Boy’ Lands Composer Hauschka



The upcoming film The Boy has locked down Hauschka as the composer and performer. Directed by Craig MacNeill, the film, the first of a planned trilogy tracking the childhood of a future serial killer, will be released by SpectreVision, the company founded by Elijah Wood (Maniac), Daniel Noah, and Josh C. Waller. Their other productions include Toad Road,/i>, Cooties, and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night.

Noah states, “Music is such a primary element of the cinematic experience, and we feel that movies should not be limited to only familiar sounds. We try to take our cues from visionary filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick and Ridley Scott, whose use of non-traditional film composers like Wendy Carlos and Vangelis was such a huge part of the shocking newness of their films. Hauschka is the embodiment of everything we had hoped for in a composer.

Producer Josh C. Waller adds, “Director Craig Macneill’s vision for The Boy has always been a beautiful, seductive nightmare and it was very important to find a composer to compliment that. Years ago, we introduced Craig to Hauschka’s work and almost immediately you could feel he would be the perfect person to make that happen. His music evokes a slight reminiscent feel, which beckons you to remember, even if what you remember is the darkness.

Head below to hear some Hauschka.