Yoga Butts Shake In the 'Attack of the 50 foot Cheerleader' Trailer - Bloody Disgusting
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Yoga Butts Shake In the ‘Attack of the 50 foot Cheerleader’ Trailer



Now on various VOD platforms from Lionsgate Home Entertainment is Kevin O’Neill’s Attack of the 50 foot Cheerleader, starring Olivia Alexander and Jena Sims.

We now have a trailer for the EPIX original movie in which a college co-ed is transformed into an enormous cheerleader after using an experimental drug. There’s plenty of cheers for girls in yoga shorts!

Cheerleader Cassie Stratford (Jena Sims) downs an experimental drug that’s supposed to enhance her looks and athletic abilities. But instead, it makes her grow into a 50-foot giant!” The film is a modern day take on the great Roger Corman genre pictures.

Mercy Malick, Sasha Jackson, John Landis, Treat Williams, Ted Raimi, Roger Corman, Anne McDaniels, Paula LaBaredas, Paula Trickey, Mary Woronov, Angelina Armani, Madison Dylan, Annie Wood, Betsy Landin, Jennifer Wenger, and Jason Etter also star.

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