Original NSFW Ending to Kevin Smith's 'Red State' Animated
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The Original Bloody Finale to Kevin’s Smith’s ‘Red State’ Is Both Ridiculous and Awesome (Video)



Red State Animated Ending

Well I’ll be damned, the ending to Kevin Smith’s Red State wasn’t supposed to suck. In fact, Smith reveals to EW his original scripted finale, which was then animated for affect.

Below you’ll see the video of what was supposed to happen in Red State, had Smith’s budget not been only $4 million, and instead were $12M.

In the final battle between Church and State, horns begin to blare. It’s explained in the movie that it was just kids playing a joke on the Church members. The original ending, well, it jumps the shark quite a bit, and I love it.

Originally, the audience is caught off guard when the Church members begin exploding one by one, and you think it’s the ATF blasting them. That is, until they explode as well. John Goodman’s character closes his eyes, and when he opens them he sees a giant angel (who Smith wanted to be Ben Affleck’s character from Dogma) and the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse riding across the sky.

How abso-fucking-lutely insane…

Animated by Dennis Fries and Dan Costales with sound design by Bobb Barito.