Garris Interviews Cronenberg, Carpenter, And Landis
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Mick Garris Interviews David Cronenberg, John Carpenter, & John Landis



We’re going to head into the past here, specifically the early 80’s, for an amazing interview with horror filmmakers John Landis (An American Werewolf In London), John Carpenter (The Thing, Halloween), and David Cronenberg (The Brood, Scanners), which was conducted by Mick Garris (“Masters Of Horror,” Critters 2, “The Shining” miniseries). The full 25+ minute interview goes over a wide range of topics and is incredibly fascinating, not only for horror fans but fans of film in general!

The clip was recently found by Uproxx and has less than 9,000 views at the time me writing this. It’s really a stellar clip, one that shows each of these directors in their natural state, playfully answering Garris’ questions and swapping stories with one another.