'The Nightmare' Clip Is the Scariest Thing This Year!
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This ‘The Nightmare’ Clip Is the Scariest Thing You’ll See All Year (Exclusive)



The Nightmare, Rodney Ascher

Last week I shared an exclusive interview with Rodney Ascher, the director behind Gravitas Ventures’ terrifying The Nightmare, which is releasing on VOD platforms tomorrow.

The documentary-horror film explores the phenomenon of ‘Sleep Paralysis’ through the eyes of eight very different people, and shares reenactments of their accounts.

While there’s a lot of scary stories told throughout, one really stuck with me. In fact, I asked Ascher about it.

Below we have an exclusive clip from The Nightmare that I personally found fucking terrifying. What you’ll see is a young man recounting his first experience with Sleep Paralysis. Now, while most people have isolated incidents, his was passed on from his girlfriend. Yes, just the notion that his girlfriend was experiencing Sleep Paralysis was enough to trigger it within himself. That is scary as fuck.

Here’s his story… and when you go to bed tonight, pray it doesn’t happen to you, too.

We have more info on the film, with images and the trailer here.

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