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Effects Heavy Creature Feature ‘Harbinger Down’ Gets Final Trailer



Harbinger Down, a new indie in the spirit of sci-fi/horror classics such as Alien and The Thing, is releasing in both Canada and the U.S. tomorrow with a DVD/VOD release set for September 1st.

We have a new trailer to go along with the final poster and some fresh stills.

Harbinger Down celebrates animatronics and makeup effects via Creature FX Designer Alec Gillis, who wrote and directed, with ADI co-founder Tom Woodruff, Jr. producing the film.

I already reviewed the film and didn’t like it, unfortunately.

In the creature feature, “A group of grad students have booked passage on the fishing trawler Harbinger to study the effects of global warming on a pod of Orcas in the Bering Sea. When the ship’s crew dredges up a recently thawed piece of old Soviet space wreckage, things get downright deadly. It seems that the Russians experimented with tardigrades, tiny resilient animals able to withstand the extremes of space radiation. The creatures survived, but not without mutation.

Now the crew is exposed to aggressively mutating organisms. And after being locked in ice for 3 decades, the creatures aren’t about to give up the warmth of human companionship.

Lance Henriksen, Camille Balsamo, Matt Winston, Reid Collums, Milla Bjorn, Winston James Francis, Mike Estime, and Edwin Bravo star.

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