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Watch ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ in Black & White While You Can



It’s pretty much a given that Mad Max: Fury Road (review) was the action movie of the summer with nothing coming even remotely close. It’s blend of incredible practical FX sequences mixed with a razor thin yet entirely followable plot (amongst its many other strengths) culminated in a movie that was an absolute blast to watch without dumbing itself down for the audience.

One thing that many people have been clamoring for (and I personally don’t get why) is a black and white version of the film. Today, that prayer has been answered! Well…sorta. There’s a full black and white version of the film that you can watch below BUT it seems to be missing all the dialogue. I skipped around and any part that had people speaking was simply silent. I’m guessing this is so that the creator can do their best to avoid it getting yanked due to copyright.

Still, it’s well worth checking out as some of the sequences look utterly gorgeous without color, not that they didn’t in the original!

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