'One of Two Evils' is the Most F*cked Up Stop Motion Short I've Seen - Bloody Disgusting
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‘One of Two Evils’ is the Most F*cked Up Stop Motion Short I’ve Seen



Goddammit… It’s Friday! It’s supposed to be the day that everyone looks forward to because the weekend is ahead! So, clearly this is the day that I have to watch what is easily the most twisted and fucked up claymation video I’ve ever witnessed.

Called One of Two Evils and directed by Christoph Younes, the story is about a young boy who makes a sinister wish after his parents, who are in the midst of a divorce, end up taking out their anger and frustrations on him. What follows is a series of visuals that are beyond NSFW. Seriously, I felt uncomfortable watching it and it’s my job to see things like this!

The synopsis for One of Two Evils reads:

One Of Two evils is a horror stop motion animation short. The film follows the story of a young boy who is currently witnessing his parents go through a divorce. Due to being lonely, isolated, and ignored, his imagination takes over and his version of events that happen suddenly take a sinister turn.

The film is an experimental film that looks at the content of family, isolation and divorce and how it’s a messy affair, hence the rough finish and smudged characters relating back to the content of the film.

I’m going to warn you that there are some incredibly adult themes here, such as rape, possession, child molestation, and more crammed into this video.

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